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We Love our Patients

                                     HealthQuest's Doctors of Chiropractic value the relationships that have                                         already been created with local physicians of all disciplines.  Doctor's of                                             Chiropractic recognize the importance of multi-disciplinary team                                                         management for improved clinical outcomes.  Our goal is to work collaboratively and develop a mutually beneficial relationship that ultimately provides the patient with the best care possible.

We use a comprehensive federally certified electronic record keeping system that allows us to provide documentation in a timely fashion to the referring physician.  We strive for open communication and are happy to discuss the benefits of chiropractic management.  We also recognize when further referral is necessary.

Please call our office  at 207.778.5123 and set up a time to visit our facility.  You will find that the HealthQuest staff is professional, competent and a pleasure to work with for the benefit of your patients and your practice.  Please click here for our referral form and fax it to 207.778.5125,

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At your first visit, it is important to do a thorough exam to ensure the safest and most effective care.  Your appointment time includes the time it takes to complete your paperwork but if you complete it ahead of time you can shorten your visit.  Below is a link to get you started with the process.

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