Summary of Workman's Compensation Studies

Click here for a list of studies showing that chiropractic care is a less expensive and a faster way of returning people to work!

Work injuries can be devastating, emotionally, physically and financially. The goal is to get the injured worker back to work because everyone gains when an injured worker is safely back on the job.

T​here is really no one particular type of injury, though the most common is neck and back injuries accounting for 90% of most of the injuries occurring at work. Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome are also injuries that we treat on a regular basis. They are also the biggest cause of work absenteeism and the largest expense for companies in the workers compensation arena. Many occupations require a worker to perform the same motion dozens, hundreds or thousands of times each month. These repetitive motions often result in a cumulative type trauma.

The primary goal is to get patients back into the workforce, however, never before they are actually physically prepared. It is important to receive proper care following a work injury, not only to stop the pain, but to restore the patient to comfortable and pain-free functioning. Without proper healing, it’s more likely that a work injury could later reoccur.Chiropractic care continues to be one of the top treatment options for work related injuries. Research studies sponsored by over a dozen state governments have proven time and time again that chiropractic is over twice as effective at getting injured workers back to work with half the disability and at half the cost. If you are the employer, it would only make sense that you should require all injured workers to be seen by a chiropractor first.

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Work related Injuries

Those aches and pains you are experiencing after your car accident are an indication that the spine has suffered damage. If ignored, the pain may go away, but the spinal subluxations and soft tissue will not heal correctly and can be the source of future pain, arthritis and radicular symptoms. The permanent damage that results may lead to a life of chronic pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that injuries occur even at speeds under 20 miles per hour with whiplash being a prevalent auto accident injury.  Chiropractic care was shown in studies to result in improvement in 74%-93% of patients with chronic whiplash.

At HealthQuest Chiropractic, we have the tools to diagnose and treat your injuries properly. We have an on-site x-ray lab and other diagnostic tools to locate and document the specifics of your injuries. Our patients love the personalized attention and full range of services offered here. We work closely with attorney’s, paying attention to every detail and provide professional documentation to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve.

If you have been involved in a car accident and need treatment, we will assist you with all billing questions and insurance issues.  We will handle the entire billing process for you so you can focus on getting better.  We are experienced in working closely with personal injury attorney’s and provide top notch documentation to assist with your case.

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Auto Accidents and Chiropractic